Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Champions League's predictions and comments

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Quick insights about UEFA Champions League Quarter-Finals:

- Yesterday, I said Chelsea would win the game but Manchester United would qualify for semi-finals. I was wrong, but indeed Chelsea played better than Man Utd, which is not a pleasing team to watch, but very efficient.

- Ryan Giggs, that's just awesome. It is interesting to see how a player can become exceptional in two different stages. When he was younger, Giggs was fast and really good as a winger; nowadays, he plays a little different, and of course he is slower. Ronaldo is the best example of a player who was able to excel in two different styles. Congrats, Mr. United!

- Shakthar did an excellent job in Champions League. If you decide to face Barcelona, as Shakthar and Arsenal did, you are very likely to lose because Barcelona is in a very developed stage of collective, tactical and individual performance.

- Pleasing to notice that Adriano is a starter for Barcelona now. I watched him playing live for Coritiba FC so many times and I knew he would succeed at an international level. Marcelo should be the left defender for the national team, but Adriano definitely has a place in the group. He and Dani alves are both from Barcelona, which would be helpful for Mano Menezes as well.

- Jose Mourinho is going to put his starters today against Tottenham. He knows it is decided, that Madrid is going to semifinals, but he cannot transmit this idea to his players. Then, everybody available go to the pitch. Barcelona did the same yesterday. That's how winners do. My guess? Probably a 0-0 or something, Madrid won't lose the game.

- Kaka should have his 30 minutes tonight, It would not be totally unexpected, but a little surprising to see him as a starter in the White Heart Lane. He will be important in the Barca-Madrid Marathon.

- Finally, Inter wins the game in Germany, but not the qualification. If I were Leonardo, I would attack since the beginning. Inter needs to score at least four times regardless, so it would be better to be vulnerable in the defense, suffer maybe 2 goals, try to score 5 and see what happens. Great Game!

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