Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kaka is going to be performing at his peak again

                                                (Source: spanishfootballsports.blogspot.com)

A very eventful Tuesday for soccer fans around the world, especially for those who enjoy everything related to Brazil. A day that started with the unexpected news that Ronaldo is intended to bring the Dutch Clarence Seedorf to play the Brazilian National First Division for his former team, Corinthians Paulista. Then, incredible results for Real Madrid and especially Schalke 04 (or 05) in the Champions League quarter finals.

First of all, the game in Madrid gave me the confidence to believe that Kaka is going to perform at his peak again. Mourinho showed that he trust on Kaka by choosing him among the players selected to be available against Tottenham. Mourinho likes Kaka, for his character, loyalty to his coaches and willingness to obey coach's decisions. In my point of view, some part of the Spanish press tries to blame Kaka for his current bad performance at Madrid in order to absolve Florentino Perez, the one who decided to pay such a huge amount of money for him to AC Milan.

The specific moment in the game that makes me believe in Kaka's return, of course, was the excellent cross he made so Cristiano Ronaldo could beautifully score the fourth goal and pretty much define Madrid's qualification to the semi-finals. But the moment was not the fact he is able again to do such magical things with the ball, it was the way he celebrated the goal that he did not even score. It is a celebration of someone who is committed with the coach, the project, the club, teammates.

Next year, Kaka is going be back better than ever. Maybe, already in this season. In an April that it looks like we are going to have four Barca-Madrid matches, Mourinho knows he will need more than eleven players to succeed both in the Spanish Cup and Champions League. He knows he will need some used to this level of pressure, and used to be important in games like that. Madrid has a lot of young players such as Benzema, Ozil, Di Maria, Marcelo, and Khedira that are not really ready to be decisive in very big matches. As Mou knows, Kaka is ready mentally. He pretty much won the Champions League alone for Milan in 2007. At this time, not alone, but he may be the difference, even only for a part of the match, that may lead Madrid to its 10th European Trophy.

* Observe the video at 3:23min, when you can see Kaka's celebration in the right side of the screen!

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  1. Being a real madrid fan and hugely overjoyed when kaka came back yesterday, i missed kaka's celebration.
    Is it possible to upload the video soon.
    Thanks man....if not, can you post it to some other site.