Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Real Madrid won Barcelona! Quick thoughts about El Classico


The final match of the la Copa del Rey was such an awesome match, in which Madrid won in the extra-time by 1-0, goal scored by Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiano del gol. I won't here describe a summary of the game, but basically Madrid controlled Barcelona very well in the first half and Pepe headed the post once. In the second half, Barcelona played much better but was not able to score, mainly due the bad period of offensive players such as Villa and Pedro.

Quick Thoughts:

- Barcelona needs to have some more valid options on its roster. It is true that because of this policy, Pep Guardiola is able to put more players from the Canteras to play on the first team, but today he needed to put some more gas in the team and he did not have a lot of good options on the bench, only Affelay. Barcelona needs one more stricker in the same level of Villa and Pedro. They need also one more defender who is perceived to be a good defender by Pep, and not Gabi Milito. I am not comparing game stylles at all here, but this Barcelona today remembered Brazil in the World Cup against Netherlands in the second hald when Dunga did not have good options on the bench.

- Great game by the three Brazilians on the pitch. For Barcelona, Adriano played really well, likewise he did last Saturday. Even though he was following Cristiano when he scored, I am sure Mano Menezes, who was on the tribunes, liked what he saw from the Barcelona's left defender. On the other side, Daniel Alves was really well as well, and along with Messi led Barcelona in its atttemptive to score mainly in the second half. Dani Alves today was better than Xavi and Iniesta. For Madrid, Marcelo was excellent, and definitely gained a place in Mano;s heart for the next Copa America.

- Mourinho knew he could not try to attack Barcelona, and he won knowing the tools he had in his hand. Barcelona played well, though, the game was only decided in the extra time, and the UEFA Champions League are going to be awesome. My guess: this time, Barcelona goes to the final and knocks out Mourinho. In two games, they are better than Madrid.

- Both coaches have a truly respect from all of their players. All players showed that to Mourinho when they were celebrating the title, and Guardiola has the team's respect because he put Pinto to play as a goalie instead of Victor Valdez. Great coaches, giant teams, that's real soccer!!!

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