Monday, February 7, 2011

EPG beats Black Samurai in a great game in BC Intramurals

In a very well played and pleasurable game to watch, EPG won the defending title team Black Samurai tonight by a 2-1 score on Berea College Intramurals. Despite the time (10pm) and the cold weather, a lot of supports from both teams attended the Old Seabury Court in order to support their teams and make the game even more interesting.

The game was very well disputed by both teams, ending in a 2-1 result with Emmanuel Zipson scoring the final goal for EPG. In the last minutes of the game, Black Samurai pressured a lot looking for their second goal, but Mathews, the best player of the game, did great saves in order to maintain EPG with the leading result. Congratulations for both teams, and for the supporters.

Now, everybody is ready for the Playoffs, in a championship that gets attention from the whole College! Please, leave a comment and support your team here in the blog! Who is going to win Soccer BC Intramurals?

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** Portuguese version soon!


  1. For the Portuguese version, you should use the new team picture we took today. It has got everyone in it.

  2. K-Suite Kamikazees, Black Samurai, Goal Hard or Go Home, and EPG FC are the top four teams in the competition this year. They all showed outstanding performances during the group stage. However, EPG FC has the strongest squad of the four giants with star players like Emmanuel Zipson and Mathews Kasote. Being the only team that remained unbeaten after eight matches and defeating top teams such as Black Samurai and K-Suite Kamikazees prove that EPG FC deserves to be the champions.