Sunday, February 6, 2011

Manchester United lost this season! Finally!


The question here is not whether I am a Man Utd supporter or not. As you may know, I have a preference for Liverpool FC in England. The thing is that this 2010-2011 Man Utd did not deserve to be an undefeated champion. Until this last round, Man Utd was with an undeafeated record in the Premier League, with 15 victories and 9 ties. Fortunately, yesterday Wolverhampton beated Man Utd for 2-1, and now Man Utd may be only a normal champions, i.e., a champion team that lost some games during the season. I think Man Utd are going to be the English champions in the end of the season, and a very well deserved champion if they confirm these expectations

But this current Man Utd did not deserve this honor to complete a whole season undefeated. I say that based in the facts that this United was lucky and had deserved to lose some games this season, it is a team that survives of some brilliant moments from Rooney and a team that won only three away games during this season. A very well trained and organized team, but not an amazing team that is delightful to watch. This Man Utd is pragmatic, against the idea of an offensive soccer practiced by this same club a couple of seasons ago, Barcelona and the World Cup Champions Team Spain.

If this current Man Utd were undefeated champion, that would be an offense for other marvelous Man Utd teams built by Ferguson. It would be an offense for the Cantona's Team; for the European Champions Team of 1999 with Peter Schemeichel, Roy Keane, David Beckham, Teddy Sheringham, and Dwight Yorke; and of course the Cristiano's Team in 2008, with Rooney and Tevez very well in the attack, Ferdinand. Evra and Vidic perfect in the defense and an amazing Goalie such as Van der Sar. Saturday's Result prevented Manchester United's history to be damaged.

Arsenal 2003-2004 was an undefeated champion, and they deserved to have this honor, because they had such a beautiful and offensive game, leaded by players such as Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Robert Pires. That team was definitely very pleasurable to watch, and it is very nice that such an offensive team was able to play in a whole season with no defeats. Definitely, this United is not like 2003-2004 Arsenal at all.

Even more, if even this current Barcelona that won 16 games in a row in the Current Spanish Season already lost a game for Hercules, it couldn't be this tastless Man Utd that would carry this honor to be an undefeated winner in the European soccer. I am glad soccer corrected this mistake.

For the lovers of an offensive game, check out this video with the Highlights of Arsenal's perfect season in Premier League 2003-2004.

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