Friday, February 25, 2011

Brazilian goalies interfere in the Italian's history in the Champions League


One, two decades ago, that would be impossible: brazilian goalkeepers playing for the best Italian teams. Maybe because of the lack of security from Waldir Perez in the World Cup of 1982, the fact is that Brazil has been always recognized as a country of strikers, not goalies. Italy, on the other hand, is historically famous for its great goalkeepers, such as in the 90's with Zena, Pagliuca e Marchegiani, for example. Nowadays, mainly because of Buffon, this tradition remains intact, but now Brazilians are also recognized among the best goalies in the world 

Taffarel, the goalie of the Brazilian National Team in the world cups of 1990, 1994 and 1998, playing for Parma, was the first one to start this tradition. Later on, Dida, who was two times European Champions with Milan in 2003 and 2007, and Julio Cesar, the current European champions with Internazionale, helped to establish this tradition even more. Further, we can even consider Julio Sergio and Doni in AC Roma, and Rubinho with a great season by Genoa a couple of seasons ago. However, in the Italian history in the Champions League, maybe only in 2003, when Dida saved three penalty-kicks in Old Trafford in the final against Juventus, Brazilian goalies interfered in such a decisive way in the Italian's lucky in this competition as much as in the last champions league games..

Last week, Gomes, from Tottenham, made two great saves in headings from the Colombian defender Mario Yepes, that gave confidence to English team in the beginning of the second half, when Milan was better in the game, and helped the team from London to be close to reach the quarter-finals. In the other game with an Italian Team involved, Julio Sergio was not able to make anything against the Brazilian offensive line from Shakhtar. In this game, Julio Sergio was not the decisive factor for Roma's loss, but Doni, the other Brazilian goalie and probably who is going to play in Ukraine according to the new coach Vincenzo Montella, will have to play very well in Donetsk if AC Roma still wants to go to quarter-finals.

Finally, the most decisve player of all, unfortunately in a negative way for the Nearazurri Inter fans, Julio Cesar. This was a game in which Leonardo was more defensive than necessary, and his Inter was not so determined to solve things at home like Mourinho's one, leading the game for a 0-0 score. This 0-0, if not brilliant, still would give nice chances for Inter against Bayern in Munich. However, in the end of the game, Julio Cesar gave a gift for Mario Gomes, and allowed a winning result for the Germans.

In a way, brazilian goalkeepers made life harder for the Italian Teams in the UEFA Champions League. Gomes did well, and was supporting his English side. Mainly for Inter and Roma, needing to win an way game, Julio Cesar and Julio Sergio/Doni will have to give confidence for the rest of the team so Italy can make at least one team in the quarter finals. If they do not make it, Italy repeats 2009's failure, when none of its teams achieved quarter finals. In the UEFA ranking, Germany already took Italy's position, and now Italy has to worry about France, that is already in the rear-view mirror.

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