Friday, February 11, 2011

Mano's Brazil - Attacking system (Part 02)


In the last post, we analyzed how Mano Menezes has structured step by step the Brazilian National Team from the defense, where he already has almost all positions defined, except the left defender.Now, let's analyze the Brazilian coach's dilemma about the tactic system he should use in order to develop an attacking Brazilian team.

Mano's main doubt is whether he should use 4-2-3-1, reference in the international soccer, used by the World Champions 2010 Spain and by Real Madrid of Mourinho, or the 4-4-2. There is this doubt left to solve because Paulo Henrique Ganso and Kaka, fundamental players for this new Brazil, are still not available to Coach Menezes. Ganso has been recovering from a knee injury and he has not played since last August, while Kaka has been getting in shape slowly in Madrid.

Playing with both of them in the midfield, Mano tends to choose the 4-4-2, which I would choose if I were him as well. In this system, Ganso would be the organizer of the game, being able to make long and intelligent passes, looking for free spaces in the sides of the field to be able to organize the game with more speed and freedom. Kaka would be the man responsible to start the counter-attacks, which is one of his best skills, and the man who would be responsible to help Ganso in the team's organization of the midfield. In the attack, Mano would have two spots available to choose among Neymar, Pato and Robinho. Even though Robinho has been having a good season so far in Italy, I would choose Neymar and Pato. However, it is unlikely that Mano would put his current captain in the bench.

O Brasil playing on 4-4-2 would play like this:

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Defensively, Kaka would have to cover the right side of the defense, probably following one of the defensive midfielders of the opposite team. However, this system has as the main basis the ideas that Brazil is going to control the ball and the offensive actions most of the time; consequently, Kaka would be more free to put his efforts in order to score. Brazil would defend like this:

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Even though Mano is counting with Kaka in the future, for now he is likely to put Kaka on the bench for a while. First of all, because Kaka is having some trouble in getting in shape. In addition, because with the 4-3-12 he can use in his favor the fact that Robinho, Ganso and Neymar used to play together in Santos and so they know each other very well, and also Pato is much better than Andre, which make things even better for the National Team. In the 4-3-1-2, this should be Brazil's team in the next South American Cup, Copa America:

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In this case, the strickers would cover the sides defensively in a similar way to the 4-4-2 presented above:
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Finally, it is clear that Mano is in doubt about his tactics regarding attack in order to build a strong Brazil for the next years/ I believe that he is going to play with the 4-2-3-1 in the next Copa American in July, with Pato, Ganso, Neymar and Robinho as starters, putting Kaka on the bench.. There is still a lot to happen until 2014, but my guess is that step by step Mano is going to play with Kaka as a starter and then he is going to go back to the 4-4-2, possibly putting Robinho in the bench! A long way to go before 2014!

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