Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ronaldo, the phenomenon, announces retirement!

Ronaldo is retiring. First announced by the journalist Daniel Piza, and also according to, tomorrow at 9h40am, (US Eastern Time), Ronaldo is going to announce his retirement from professional soccer. This is a very important moment for the world of soccer. In less than two weeks, this blog has readers from 13 different countries, including United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, France, Russia, Colombia, Ecuador, Malaysia and Japan. Thank you for your audience. I am sure all of you have heard about Ronaldo, and I would bet that most of you admire him as one of the best soccer players ever.

Ronaldo is definitely one of the greatest soccer players ever in the history. The player who most scored in World Cups at all times, with 15 goals. The player who was elected three times the best players in the world. The guy who won the World Cup two times in 1994 and 2002 and played the final in 1998. The Brazilian who amazed the world with a phenomenal season in Barcelona FC and was also an idol in Real Madrid. The guy who scored three times against Manchester United in Old Trafford. The guy who stopped an war in Haiti in 2004 with the Brazilian National Team! The world of soccer already missed you Ronaldo, definitely one of the genius of soccer!

In his homage, I am going to post 9 memorable videos that highlights the career of the one of the best 9 we have ever seen and a song in his homage. Great Ronaldo!!!

* Song: I'm Ronaldo, by Marcelo D2:

*Plus, check out Ibrahimovic hypnotized by Ronaldo:

 1) Ronaldo's 15 World Cup Goals:

2) Ronaldo's Hat-trick in Old Trafford:

3) Ronaldo receives applauses from all Man Utd Fans on Old Trafford:

4) Ronaldo scores an amazing and unbelievable goal by Barcelona:

5) Ronaldo scores two amazing goals for Corinthians:

6) Ronaldo vs Lazio in the UEFA Cup Final 1998

7) Ronaldo in the beginning of this career in Cruzeiro EC (Amazing last goal):
8) Ronaldo AC Milan:

9) Ronaldo stops civil war in Haiti for a game:

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